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The importance of staying informed about Life Issues is crucial in the midst of our modern day society. We are told time and time again that sex outside of marriage is the "norm" and that abstinence is unreasonable. We are told that the value of a human being is based solely on another person's opinion or convenience rather than the plan for that person's life diligently breathed through our Maker.
We strive and strive to do right by others and for ourselves but find that the hurts of this world continue to manifest in us through drugs, sex, alcohol, abuse, and money.

What if there were a way to stop the cycle?
To put an end to the things holding you back in life and begin again with a fresh start? Guess what? There is and His name is Jesus Christ. He doesn't judge what you've done or hold things against you. In fact, He tells us in the Bible that He knew everything you would ever say and do in your life and STILL deemed you worthy to create! That's Christ's grace and love for you; for each of us. From the tiny zygote to the grandmas and grandpas. The disabled, the shamed, the lost, the broken... He died for us all and has plans for our lives! His word says, "I have great plans to prosper you and not harm you; plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11

When we understand how very valued we are by God we can then begin to value all human life, no matter the circumstance, in the same way He does. On this page there are some links to recent and archived articles and For Life websites. Take some time to check them out and shoot us an email with your feedback!


prayer-of-salvation *If you are not a Christian and would like to find out more about Jesus Christ and the forgiveness and unconditional love that is found only in Him, click on the link, "All About God" or call our Center at (715) 752-4144.
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www.abort73 Get a real and accurate look into the effects of abortion in our society as well as in each life affected by the after-math of abortion.
focusfamily Focus on the Family is in line with our approach to abstinence education within our homes and communities.  This link will direct you to their page on abstinence.
www.ramahinternational Ramah International is a Post-Abortive Resource for those suffering from the wounds of abortion.
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