Finding a place to rent can be very stressful, you have just noticed it on the real state site, and somebody else has already rent it. Therefore, you need to have your insider, the person or a company you can rely on in these kinds of situations, someone you can trust.

You need a person who has connections and the newest information, the person who can help you to reserve the best location in the fastest possible way. If your insider is the best, he will find the way to catch the most beautiful fish in the sea. The purpose of the very agency is to make things easier and basically, to do everything instead of you.

The safest way to hire someone and not to regret it is to pay attention to client’s comments. Be careful with online comments; everyone can post them, even the agency itself. Do not have trust in them. Try to read between the lines and to make a different between the real and fake ones. Try to investigate the person that posted the comment. Thanks to Face Book this actually can be very easy. You can find everyone on the internet and do a little search about them.

What should you do after you hire a professional?

When you hire your agent, you should be very clear about your wishes. You need to explain him everything about your new place and your priorities. Don’t make them read your mind; tell them, after all, you are paying them. You need to be direct in your communications and to tell them everything you mean so you can move in the direction. Only if you cooperate with your agent, you will achieve some results. The communication between you two is the key to success.