Moving to a new apartment can be very exciting; on the other hand can be more then stressful. To avoid a lot of inconvenient things and to save yourself a lot of trouble you should hear some tricks and prepare yourself for the worst.

Set the highest price you can go

Consider what the highest amount you can afford for rent is! Don’t let yourself to spend for it more than 30% of your monthly income! Be aware that you will have to make some compromise. No matter what are your wishes, you will have to fit into your budget. Set the highest price and search for the offers that you can fit in.

Where to search the best offers?

Maybe it sounds silly, but the best and certainly the safest way is to tell all your friends you are looking for an apartment to rent. You would be surprised how they can be helpful. However, if you decide to use broker’s service you need to be aware that you will be extra charged.

Pay attention to renters resume

If you are not familiar with the real meaning and the purpose of this document we will explain you. As the matter a fact we can compare this document to CV. Like any resume this one also should contain all the necessary information that your landlord is going to need before he rents you his apartment. Make sure that you put there everything that your future landlord can find interesting. Write down all personal references, previous addresses, your income or a copy of your credit card, basically everything that can attract your landlord.

Always read before you sign

Don’t let yourself to be a victim of a prefect real estate agent and read your contract before you sign anything. Read all the rules and regulations carefully and make sure you understood every single one of them. Pay attention to beginning day and expiration one, to the security deposit and rental price, to responsibilities and duties you need to respect as a new tenant and a lot of others things that are a real life saver.